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The majority of sunlight striking an unprotected glass window passes through into the home, and a small percentage is reflected. Solar screens dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight striking the window. Most of the sun's heat is absorbed or reflected by the screen and carried away by convective air currents created by the warm screen. During summer as much as 230 BTUs can fall on an unprotected square foot of glass.

There is no way for anyone to give you a specific accurate figure; there are too many variables involved. Therefore, we are not the kind of company who will make up a statistic. However, solar screens will dramatically reduce the cooling cost portion of your electric bill considering factual statistics on how much heat is reduced from your home.

No. Because the strands in the screen are spaced uniformly it doesn't distort your view at all. From a distance of about ten feet it is difficult to tell if you have solar screens on your windows. Solar screens are great at maintaining excellent outward visibility, while at the same time providing additional privacy by blocking outsiders from peeping in during the day.

Solar screens will still allow light to come in, just not the blinding glare. The light that passes through is much softer on the eyes and does an excellent job of reducing that annoying glare on your television set. A lot of plants also thrive on this "softer" light.

Film or tint is an interior application and is not designed for your double pane windows. Applying window film to your windows voids out all window warranties, as it is damaging to sealed thermal pane windows. Solar screens are designed to block the heat before it reaches the window glass. Awnings are expensive and do not offer protection 100% of the time. Both of these alternatives offer no energy savings in the winter.

Yes, since solar screens save energy, they normally will pay for themselves within a short period of time by reducing your energy bills. Also they will help your air conditioner last longer and need fewer repairs due to the reduction of its normal workload.

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